KWLOG, a service company

KWLOG is a service company, pioneer in its field, which offers an unique solution for reducing water losses.
Established in 2002, KWLOG has evolved to meet the growing needs of water companies.
Our offer is aimed at water utilities worldwide and responds precisely and efficiently to their main concern:

OPTIMIZE water resources and REDUCE related energy costs.

Our solution

Our solution combines
proven Domain Expertise
with powerful data integration and analytic tools.

KWLOG is able to quickly identify
Apparent Losses and Real Losses and to define the appropriate action plan to reduce and monitor them in an optimal way.


The KWLOG solution is designed and built to IWA (International Water Association) standards for both continuous and intermittent water supply.

KWLOG, our experience…

2002 to 2022

KWLOG was incorporated into the NRW business of Itron (formerly Actaris, formerly Schlumberger Industries) through an exclusive partnership.


Since 2020

Growing climate issues: KWLOG adapts strategy, organization and structure.

Creation of an international team of domain experts to work on contracted projects.

KWLOG is active in Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

KWLOG, our positionning


KWLOG’s main target is to solve problems related to Real and Apparent Losses by focusing on Intelligent Technology and Data, combined with Domain Expertise and experience gained through projects.

The human factor remains key to successful collaboration and projects!

KWLOG offering:

KWLOG offering:

Data Quality

  • Evaluation & Data Integration
  • Accuracy and precision of the data collected

Water Loss Measurement

  • Global (utility-wide)
  • Sectorized (at sector/DMA level)
  • Segmented (Real Losses / Apparent Losses)

Apparent Losses

  • Management of the meter park
  • Sizing, aging, …
  • Unauthorised consumption, fraud

Real Losses

  • Pre-location of existing leaks
  • Identification of new leaks
  • Assistance with leak detection campaigns
  • Use and exploitation of satellite imagery

The DIS platform in the KWLOG solution

The DIS (Data Intelligence Service) is a SaaS platform that plays a key role in collecting, storing, processing and analyzing operational data from water companies.

The DIS is the technological link between KWLOG experts and water companies in the management of a Water Loss Reduction project.

DIS is the algorithmic translation of 20 years of technical and sales expertise.

Achievements around the world

More than 90 NRW projects with water companies or preferred partners

Examples of projects carried out since 2012 illustrating different issues addressed


Eric Férréol


IWA expert since 2008.
Eric is in charge of the development of the DIS platform.
He also participates in the implementation of specific projects.

Jérôme Chamosset

General Manager

NRW expert since 2010.
Expert in the field of water, Jerome oversaw Itron’s global NRW operations from 2016 to 2019.
His global expertise contributes greatly to the success of projects.

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